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Bareboat Sailing Charters on the Chesapeake Bay

Suggestions for a More Pleasant Charter

DON'T TRY TO GO TOO FAR. This is supposed to be fun, and getting there is only part of the fun. Leave plenty of time for swimming, sightseeing, relaxing, sundowners and dinner. Constant pressure to get to distant destinations stresses the captain and crew and can spoil an otherwise great cruise. Plan for average conditions and allow for adverse weather conditions and headwinds. Keep your plan loose and flexible. There are many great anchorages on the Chesapeake, so have fun - don't push. Your check out Captain will be happy to help with suggestions.

CHARTS AND BASIC NAVIGATION EQUIPMENT are on board. If you have binoculars or a hand held GPS we suggest you bring them with you. You are welcome to use on board items.

TRAVEL LIGHT. Our experience shows that most people bring more food and gear aboard than they will use. Take care in stowing what you do bring along.

DON'T' FORGET SUNTAN LOTION. NO OIL. Foul weather gear, sunglasses, hats, visors and insect repellent are also suggested.

BLACK SOLED SHOES are not to be used. The manufacturers claims of "non marking" do not apply to nonskid decks. If we need to remove black shoe marks from the deck, we will have to charge an extra cleaning fee. (This is likely to exceed the cost of proper boat shoes.)

COOLERS take up a lot of space on the boat, and the hard edges and bottoms will cause damage. The iceboxes aboard are large and efficient, so we don't think you will need the cooler. If you must, please use the "soft" type (Nylon with foam lining).

DURING CHECKOUT, don't hesitate to ask questions. Even the most experienced sailors may have questions about equipment operations and the boat's systems.

AFTER YOU LEAVE THE DOCK, take a look back at the Marina as you proceed down the channel to see how it looks on the way back. Also, take a few minutes to do some practice maneuvers to get the feel of steering, stopping, backing, etc. Later on, this will make docking and anchoring much safer and less stressful.

OUR GOAL is to provide you with the cleanest and best maintained charter vessel on the Bay. Please treat the boat as if it were your own and return it in the same condition as you found it.


Jacqueline B. Appleton
David J. Fife